Human beings are stuck in an in-between state—not unconscious and we’re not completely conscious. May 15, 1983

Talks by Zen Roshi, Lola McDowell Lee by I & A Publishing

Episode notes

Zen Roshi, Lola McDowell Lee, explains that we are in an in-between state. We’re not unconscious and we’re not completely conscious. We are objectively self-conscious—conscious of things out there, and we think of ourselves as things, too. We are stuck in this world between the unconscious and conscious. As fas as thinking goes, we’re fine. The mind can do that. We can also talk. But when it comes to acting—doing something—we need the energy of the unconscious. That’s where all the energy is. Our thinking minds cannot actually do anything. The objectively self-aware ego is helpless. May 15, 1983