My Child is Struggling in School... Now What? (Kim Maurin, Academic Language Therapist, Vector, LLC)

The Individual Matters Podcast by Andrew Katen

Episode notes

Learn the first steps you should take if you suspect your child has a learning struggle. What to do when contacted by your child’s school, what mindset you need to adopt, who’s in charge of this process, how to work with the school’s educational team, basic options available to you and your student, as well as their associated pros and cons, costs, and much more.

Kim Maurin (academic language therapist) focuses on four primary options available to parents: 1) Do nothing (non-intervention). 2) Request a school evaluation. 3) Seek a dyslexia/learning assessment (private sector). 4) Seek a comprehensive neurodevelopmental evaluation (private sector).

Importantly, Kim makes the point that you (as the parent) "drive the bus" of your child's learning and development.

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