Conscious Global Network

by Joshua Phoenix

Dedicated to fostering the mutual progress of humankind, CGN is an organization that covers scientific, technological, psychological and philosophical concepts from a unique angle that you likely haven't seen before. Check out the website at 

Podcast episodes

  • Unearthing The Structure of Consciousness

    Unearthing The Structure of Consciousness

    Creating a formalized "structure to consciousness " that is based on a mix of personality neuroscience, differential psychophysiology, and psychogeography could help with negotiation, diplomacy and peace making by providing confli...

  • The Great "I Am", Relinquishing Attachment & Becoming Truly Free

    The Great "I Am", Relinquishing Attachment & Becoming Truly Free

    The true nature of "I am that I am". What does this have to do with relinquishing unnecessary attachment, whether material or sentimental? How can letting go of attachment help you live more authentically through pursuit of real p...

  • Identity, Conformity and "Positive Rebellion"

    Identity, Conformity and "Positive Rebellion"

    What have you chosen to identify with? We have to BREAK FREE from the parasitic trance imparted by the mainstream media. Do not identify with hedonism or death worship. You have to CHOOSE to identify with your positive potential. ...

  • Why You Can Also Be a "Patriotic Earthling"

    Why You Can Also Be a "Patriotic Earthling"

    You can be a patriot while also contributing to the world as a whole as long as you have an awareness of the reality outside of your border. Abandon the oppositional mindset of mutual exclusivity. Individual nations can become a c...

  • The Superhuman Protocol

    The Superhuman Protocol

    In this episode I talk about how we should focus on furthering the evolution of humanity and all organic life in alignment with the cosmic order of celestial motion throughout our solar system and galaxy at large.