29: Hey Girl, How Do You Survive a Tech Layoff? with Lindsey Ducroz (PocketHR)

I Don't Know Anything with Paige Harriman by Paige Harriman

Episode notes

Hey, have you recently lost your tech job? Your work-from-home perks? Your marbles? Well, if you need help figuring out what to do next, listen to this episode!

In this interview, Lindsey Ducroz (PocketHR, Frog Design) offers emotional support, practical advice, and some radical candor (that's a buzzword for "slap in the face!") to the many, many Americans impacted by the 2024 tech layoffs.

Specific areas discussed include: Finding a new job in 2024, pivoting from tech to other industries, the ABCs of layoffs, becoming an entrepreneur/starting your own company post-layoff, and how to handle A.I. taking your job!

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