Transforming Care from Industrial to Deeply Human w/ Dr. Victor Montori

Humanizing Healthcare by Fidelum Health

Episode notes

The healthcare system can often feel impersonal and cold. Patients are shuffled through appointments, clinicians struggle with burnout, and the focus seems to be on efficiency rather than care.

But a revolution led by patients demanding a return to human-centered healthcare is brewing. Clinicians will definitely join the revolution.

In this episode, Chris Malone is joined by Dr. Victor Montori.

He is the Robert H. and Susan M. Rewoldt Professor of Medicine at Mayo Clinic and founder of its Knowledge and Evaluation Research Unit, where researchers focus on designing, testing, and evaluating interventions to promote shared decision-making and patient-centered care.

Dr. Montori is also the co-founder and chair of the Patient Revolution, a fast-growing global movement for careful and kind care. He is the author of the book - W ... 

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