Delivering Person-Centered Care One Moment at a Time w/ Doug Johnson

Humanizing Healthcare by Fidelum Health

Episode notes

In this episode, we talk with Doug Johnson, Patient Experience Officer at Endeavor Health, about how they are Delivering Person-Centered Care One Moment at a Time for both patients and care team members.

As Endeavor Health, a newly named health system in the Chicago area, brings together various hospitals under one unified brand, Doug sheds light on the importance of humanizing healthcare experiences, the power of kindness, and the ongoing efforts to measure and enhance person-centered care.

Doug emphasizes the innate human nature of healthcare, where compassion, vulnerability, and empathy shape daily interactions. While acknowledging healthcare's existing humanity, he underscores the importance of infusing more kindness. The first core value of Endeavor Health, "act with kindness," reflects this commitment.

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