How Herself Health is Transforming Primary Care for Women 65+ w/ Dr. Kendell Cannon

Humanizing Healthcare by Fidelum Health

Episode notes

We had the privilege of chatting with Dr. Kendell Cannon, the Chief Medical Officer at Herself Health, in a recent interview to discuss the importance of humanizing healthcare and how Herself Health is leading the charge in redefining the healthcare experience for women as they age.

Herself Health was born out of recognizing that women have unique healthcare needs that often go unaddressed.

Women over 65 face a higher risk for conditions such as Alzheimer's and osteoporosis. Yet, they are also more likely to be misdiagnosed.

One of the core issues in healthcare today is that patients often feel unseen, unheard, and blamed by the system.

Dr. Cannon and her team at Herself Health are on a mission to change this by focusing on the whole person, not just their medical conditions.

Understanding their stories, considering  ... 

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