Hi Mom, Let's Talk!

by Ingrid Rekedal and Vicki Rekedal

This is our Mom and Daughter Podcast! Vicki (Mom) lives in LA; Ingrid (daughter) lives in New York. We're doing our best to cultivate a raw and transparent relationship - that is also generous and safe. Join us in learning how every aspect of life shapes our interactions with each other!  

Podcast episodes

  • E90 - Politics in the Family

    E90 - Politics in the Family

    Politics: one of the hottest button issues every time families come together. Last year thanksgiving sparked extra emotions in our family and it taught us some valuable lessons about the reasons political conversations blow into s...

  • E89 - Body Image

    E89 - Body Image

    This episode was originally recorded in the summertime - summer bod and all that. But if you're anything like me, my self-consciousness does not dwindle near the holidays. Everyone is coming together, dressing up, and eating so mu...

  • E88 - How Therapy Helped Us

    E88 - How Therapy Helped Us

    We have found that having an outside pair of eyes and ears, specifically those of a trained psychologist, continues to help both Mom and I through challenging sections of life. When things have become really rocky in our mom-daugh...

  • E87 - Forgiveness - Re-Release

    E87 - Forgiveness - Re-Release

    Forgiveness is a tricky business. It is a vital practice, it takes practice; it includes both words and actions, and it is both an event and a process. And we're supposed to teach it to our kids?! Today we listen to a discussion M...

  • E86 - Communication Styles

    E86 - Communication Styles

    Communication has many iterations but its principles remain the same. This week we listen back to the 2019 version of Ingrid and Vicki. Our lives were pretty different but the way we process information was much the same. We discu...