Ash Salmon of Roganic Preaches Farm-to-Fork Cooking on The Delish Guestlist

The Delish Guestlist Podcast by The Beat Asia

Episode notes

Ash Salmon, with a strong British accent and identity, goes against the grain of his French contemporaries. With one Michelin Star and another Green Star under his belt from his work in Hong Kong with Roganic, the Briton has caught the eyes of France’s culinary elite at the international company. Hailing from the north of England, Salmon cut his teeth at a litany of fine-dining establishments in the U.K., embracing modern British cuisine with a steadfast commitment to farm-to-table cooking. Arriving on Hong Kong shores in 2018, Salmon took the helm of Roganic and Aulis, two restaurants created by Simon Rogan of the international Roganic empire. He joins The Delish Guestlist to share his philosophy of modern British cuisine, sustainability, and farm-to-fork in kitchens.