S02 E22 - Real Estate Movies & Characters

Happy Hour with the Home Collective by Bill Ball, Dina Cirignano & Kristin McFeely
Today we mix it up a bit and talk about some of our favorite real estate movies/shows & characters. From Phil Dumphy of Modern Family, to Jason Bateman's character in The Break-Up, realtors & real estate sometimes play a significant role in our favorite stories. Also in Dina's Downloads we learn that the Queen was an AirBnB host?! Woul  ...  See more
Sep 22 2022
Episode’s Chapters
  • 00:13:08 - 00:38:37
    00:13:08 - 00:38:37Real Estate Movies
  • 00:38:37 - 00:46:30
    00:38:37 - 00:46:30Dina's Downloads
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