Ex-NHL Referee Tim Peel on Accountability, the Dangers of the Job, State of Officiating, What to Expect in the Playoffs, and Potential for Historic Hires Next Season

Hockey Press Pass by Chris Botta

Episode notes

Should referees be made available to answer questions from reporters after controversial calls? How have the refs enforced the new standard for crosschecking? What should fans expect from the refs in the upcoming playoffs? Will the success of female officials in the AHL this season result in history being made in the NHL in 2022-23? Former NHL ref turned Daily Faceoff rules analyst Tim Peel tackles every question, tells us about his love of the job, favorite colleagues, and advice to officiating prospects, and surprises us with a revelation about his childhood in this candid conversation.

Host: Chris Botta

Executive Producer: Dani Rylan Kearney

Guest Producer: Lou Pellegrino

Producer: Pat Boyle

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