Season 4, Episode 23: 420 For Tony

High Budtenders by Jorrell & Rocky

Episode notes

We are choppin' it up with Tony Beaudrie, the esteemed Store Manager of Sanctuary Dispensary in Downtown Las Vegas. With years of experience in the Nevada cannabis community, Tony is a true asset to the industry, and we are excited to delve into the world of 420 with him. In this episode, we will be exploring the vibrant cannabis scene in Las Vegas on 420, as well as delving into the history and significance of this beloved cannabis culture holiday. Tony's wealth of knowledge and insights promise to make this episode a captivating journey through 420 and the thriving cannabis landscape in Nevada.

So sit back, relax, and join us as we celebrate 420 with Tony Beaudrie, and uncover the magic of this special day in the world of cannabis. Let's spark up some engaging conversations and enjoy the high vibes together on High Budtenders Potcast!

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