Hip Hop With PopExplicit

by Rashad Myers

My Dad and I introduce each other to and discuss our favorite artists from two different genres of music: hip hop and the delta blues 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • S01 E04 - Episode #4: Pop meets Rakim (and Eric B. Too)

    S01 E04 - Episode #4: Pop meets Rakim (and Eric B. Too)Explicit

    Thanks for stopping by (hopefully, again)! The Men of House Myers are back at it again! In this episode, Pop learns all about Rakim, and shares several excellent tracks of his own! I really loved his last one. Grab a beverage,...

  • Episode #6: Pop meets Black Thought

    Episode #6: Pop meets Black ThoughtExplicit

    Hey folks! We’re back at it again! We sure are glad we taped a bunch of these before the pandemic…We are glad that we are still able to provide a little entertainment for you while we are all doing our part to observe social dis...

  • Episode #5 - Pop meets Kendrick Lamar

    Episode #5 - Pop meets Kendrick LamarExplicit

    Welcome back! Glad you’re hangin’ in there with us! In this episode, Pop is introduced to a young artist named Kendrick Lamar as he digs further into his blues bag, sharing a couple tunes I’d already heard, but thoroughly enjoyed!...

  • Episode #3: The Valentine's Day Special

    Episode #3: The Valentine's Day SpecialExplicit

    Welcome back, folks! Pop and I decided to hook you all up with a Valentine’s Day episode, featuring songs about love. We know, we know, it sounds sappy, but its really not that bad. We actually decided to record this episode after...

  • Episode #2: Pop meets Jay Z

    Episode #2: Pop meets Jay ZExplicit

    Glad you came back!  In this episode, I introduce Pop to another top 5 all-time: Jay Z.  Again, I chose some songs I thought he’d enjoy, and there is definitely more of his discography left to explore, which may come lat...