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  • Season 3

  • Henry Harrison Chats With John Cornelsen of Evolving Texas, Juggle, and Indigo Yoga

    Henry Harrison Chats With John Cornelsen of Evolving Texas, Juggle, and Indigo Yoga

    Henry Harrison welcomes listeners to the Entrepreneurs, Business & Finance podcast. He introduces his guest, John Cornelsen, a long-time friend and successful entrepreneur. Henry and John reminisce about their 20+ years of friendship and shared experiences. Resources: Episode - https://henryharrison.com/john-cornelsen-evolving-texas-indigo-yoga-juggle/ Indigo Yoga - https://www.indigoyoga.net/ Juggle Tribe - https://www.juggletribe.com/ Juggle Apps - https://www.juggleapps.com/ Evolving TX - https://www.evolvingtexas.com/ Linkedin - https://www.linkedin.com/in/johncornelsen/ Episode Highlights: Introduction to John Cornelsen: Founder of Evolving Texas and Partner at Indigo. Background in civil engineering. Overcame significant challenges to become the first in his family to graduate from college at age 38. Early Entrepreneurial Spirit: John shares childhood stories, including his newspaper collection business and lawn care service. Discussion on how these early experiences shaped his entrepreneurial mindset. Journey into Civil Engineering: Inspired by his father's career at Carter and Burgess. Worked his way up in the industry, learning from mentors like Fred Whistle and Skip Schmidt. Overcame challenges and gained invaluable experience working on projects for Walmart and other major clients. Building Evolving Texas: Founded Evolving Texas in 2009. Overview of the company's focus on land development design and major projects. Introduction of Samantha Renz as CEO and Ron Ramirez as President. Indigo Yoga Studio: Transition from civil engineering to owning a yoga studio. Partnership with Brooke Hamlet and later, Sandra McLaughlin. Emphasis on creating a community refuge through yoga. Juggle - John's Latest Venture: Focus on combating loneliness and fostering intentional connections. Challenges and learnings in developing a software solution to promote real-life interactions. Importance of Relationships: Discussion on the role of relationships in John's success. Personal anecdotes highlighting the value of community and networking. Leadership in Entrepreneurs Organization (EO): Founding of the EO Fort Worth chapter. Impact of EO on John's entrepreneurial journey. Overcoming Obstacles: John shares personal and professional challenges he has faced. Insights on taking responsibility, learning from conflicts, and giving oneself grace. Key Takeaways: Entrepreneurship often starts early, with childhood ventures laying the foundation for future success. Mentorship and relationships are crucial in navigating the entrepreneurial journey. Diversifying ventures can lead to unexpected and fulfilling opportunities. Addressing social issues, like loneliness, can be a driving force behind innovative business ideas. Leadership roles in organizations like EO can significantly impact personal and professional growth.

  • Henry Harrison Sits Down With Don Short of New Artisan Distillery

    Henry Harrison Sits Down With Don Short of New Artisan Distillery

    In this episode of the Entrepreneurs, Business & Finance podcast, host Henry Harrison sits down with Don Short, the founder and co-owner of New Artisan Distillery, to discuss his fascinating career journey. Don shares his transition from a successful executive career at Coca-Cola, where he held senior roles in Japan, India, and Africa, to becoming a passionate entrepreneur in the craft spirits industry. Resources: If you're in Dallas, be sure to visit New Artisan Distillery to experience their unique craft spirits and meet Don Short. For more information, visit their website at: https://www.newartisanspirits.com/ Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/don-short-72235024/ Episode: https://henryharrison.com/new-artisan-distillery-don-short/ Key Topics: 1. Career at Coca-Cola: Don's entry-level starts and rises to vice president. Managing territories and navigating the "Cola Wars." International assignments in Japan, India, and Africa. Significant contributions to Coca-Cola's market presence and employment impact. 2. Transition to Entrepreneurship: Post-retirement plans and founding New Artisan Distillery. Collaboration with James Beard awarded chef and PhD biochemist Robert Del Grande. Strategic focus on craft spirits, particularly gin and bourbon. A unique approach using real plants and custom-designed bottles. 3. Challenges and Rewards: Navigating the complex distribution system for spirits. Overcoming logistical challenges during COVID-19. Building a differentiated brand and achieving consumer recognition. 4. Advice for Aspiring Entrepreneurs: Embrace international opportunities to gain diverse perspectives. Take calculated risks and pursue passion projects. The importance of resilience and adaptability in business. Notable Quotes: "Becoming a minority in a marketplace is good for you. It helps you understand yourself better and see the world through another person's eyes." "It's harder than I thought, but maybe it's more rewarding because our fingerprints are all over the package, the recipe, and everything."

  • Henry Harrison of Dallas TX Chats With Long-time Friend Tim Goeglein

    Henry Harrison of Dallas TX Chats With Long-time Friend Tim Goeglein

    Welcome to the Entrepreneurs, Business & Finance podcast by Henry Harrison of Dallas, TX. Today’s guest is Tim Goeglein, an author, speaker, and experienced political figure with a significant background in Washington, D.C. Tim shares personal stories, his professional journey, and insights into his work with Focus On The Family. Resources: Episode: https://henryharrison.com/henry-harrison-tim-goeglein/ Focus On The Family Podcast: https://podcasts.focusonthefamily.com/ Tim's Books: https://www.amazon.com/stores/Timothy-S.-Goeglein/author/B0060ROX6O Episode Highlights: 1. Tim Goeglein’s Early Career: Grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Developed an early interest in politics, journalism, and people. Interned for Senator Dan Quayle and Congressman Dan Coats. I worked as a television news producer before returning to Washington as a deputy press secretary for Dan Coats. 2. White House Years: Joined the George W. Bush presidential campaign. Served as Special Assistant to President George W. Bush. Built significant relationships and navigated policy communication between the faith community and the administration. Emphasized the importance of trust and accurate representation in political roles. 3. Focus On The Family: Tim transitioned to Focus On The Family, a nonprofit organization supporting marriage, parenting, and faith. Discusses the organization’s mission and his role in legislative affairs. Stresses the importance of practical policymaking and the value of relationships in Washington, D.C. 4. Personal Stories: Shares a touching story about his enduring friendship with Henry's father, highlighting the importance of genuine connections in both personal and professional life. Reflects on his late-night call informing the White House about Chief Justice Rehnquist’s passing, demonstrating the critical role of reliable information sources. 5. Published Works: "The Man in the Middle: An Inside Account of Faith and Politics in the George W. Bush Era" – A memoir focusing on the intersection of faith and politics during the Bush administration. "American Restoration: How Faith, Family, and Personal Sacrifice Can Heal Our Nation" – An optimistic view on the potential for American renewal through faith and personal sacrifice. "Toward a More Perfect Union: The Moral and Cultural Case for Teaching the Great American Story" – Discusses the importance of historical literacy and understanding American history. "Stumbling Toward Utopia: How the 1960s Turned Into a National Nightmare and How We Can Revive the American Dream" – Examines the origins and impact of the 1960s cultural revolution. Closing Thoughts: Tim expresses his belief in the resilience and potential for renewal in America. Emphasizes the importance of practical and empathetic policymaking. Henry thanks Tim for his contributions to the country and his valuable insights shared during the podcast.

  • Henry Harrison Chats With Carter Malouf, Private Jeweler from Dallas, TX

    Henry Harrison Chats With Carter Malouf, Private Jeweler from Dallas, TX

    In this episode of the Entrepreneurs, Business, & Finance podcast, Henry Harrison welcomes his long-time friend and private jeweler, Carter Malouf. Based in Dallas, TX, Carter shares his journey from a curious teenager fascinated by jewelry to a successful private jeweler with an impressive clientele. Episode: https://henryharrison.com/private-jeweler-carter-malouf/ Key Discussion Points: Introduction and Background: Henry introduces Carter Malouf and their long-standing friendship. Early Interest in Jewelry: Carter’s initial interest in jewelry was sparked by a store in Santa Fe. His mother’s influence as a jewelry designer and early entrepreneurial experiences selling her designs. Career Path: Started his own store and eventually moved to work with a high-end jeweler in Highland Park Village. The transition from designer jewelry to fine and antique jewelry. Business Operations as a Private Jeweler: Differences between a private jeweler and traditional jewelry stores. Importance of minimal inventory, estate jewelry, and customer service. Emphasis on planting seeds for future business and building a reputation through word-of-mouth referrals. Appraisal Expertise: The critical role of precise and detailed appraisals. An anecdote about a significant appraisal was used as an example by CHUBB Insurance. Designer vs. Fine Jewelry: Discussion on what distinguishes designer jewelry from fine jewelry. Examples of notable designers and their unique approaches to jewelry making. Overcoming Business Challenges: Carter shares his experiences with partnership challenges and the importance of perseverance. The value of learning from obstacles and finding alternative paths to success. Personal Reflections: The importance of making people happy through his work. How his wife transitioned from law to become a full-time artist inspired by the joy Carter finds in his work. Closing Thoughts: Carter’s philosophy is to be both confident and humble. The enduring friendship between Henry and Carter and their shared values. Quotes: "One of the things that really kind of brought my eye to a sharpened point was my grandfather’s advice: ‘The underside of whatever you're building has to be as beautiful as the top side.’" "Always punch through the walls. Always jump those hurdles. Anything gets put in place, figure out a way to get it down." Resources and Links: Carter Malouf’s website: http://www.cartermalouf.com/ Connect with Carter on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/carter-malouf-93ab01/ Subscribe: Don’t miss out on future Entrepreneurs, Business, & Finance podcast episodes. Share: If you enjoyed this episode, share it with friends and colleagues who might find it valuable. Feedback: Leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform to tell us what you think!

  • From Dallas Texas Henry Harrison Interviews Josh Levy, Document Crunch CEO

    From Dallas Texas Henry Harrison Interviews Josh Levy, Document Crunch CEO

    HENRY HARRISON FROM DALLAS TEXAS: In this episode of the Entrepreneurs, Business, & Finance podcast, host Henry Harrison interviews Josh Levy, co-founder and CEO of Document Crunch. They dive deep into Josh’s journey from a construction lawyer to the entrepreneur behind a leading contract compliance platform. Episode: henryharrison.com/josh-levy-document-crunch/ Visit Document Crunch - www.documentcrunch.com/ Josh Levy on LinkedIn - www.linkedin.com/in/josh-levy-/ This conversation covers the origins of Document Crunch, the challenges and successes of building a tech company in the construction industry, and valuable insights into entrepreneurship and leadership. 1. Origins of Document Crunch: Josh Levy shares his background as a construction lawyer and how his experiences led to the creation of Document Crunch. The company was born out of a need to simplify and automate contract compliance in the construction industry. 2. Challenges and Successes: The transition from a corporate job to entrepreneurship was a calculated risk supported by Josh’s deep industry knowledge. Document Crunch has grown to over 50 employees and is expanding its footprint nationally and internationally. 3. Industry Insights: The construction industry faces significant challenges with contract compliance, leading to projects often finishing over time or budget. Document Crunch aims to solve these issues by providing an AI-driven platform that makes construction contracts easier to understand and administer. 4. Building a Company Culture: Josh emphasizes the importance of relationships and a strong company culture, which he believes is key to their success. Document Crunch’s core value is being warmhearted, reflecting their commitment to building strong relationships within the company and with clients. 5. Entrepreneurial Advice: Josh advises aspiring entrepreneurs to bet on themselves and leverage their industry experience. He highlights the importance of having a strong point of view and being prepared to take calculated risks. 6. Future Plans: Document Crunch continuously evolves and expands its services to new markets, including international expansion. The company is committed to staying at the forefront of contract compliance technology and supporting the construction industry. How to Connect: