From Brooklyn Beats to Sober Streets: The Man Who Discovered Metallica, Michael Alago's Story of Recovery & Redemption

Healing Us Podcast by Ashley Regan

Episode notes

Step into the world of music and recovery with the latest episode of the HealingUs Podcast, featuring the legendary Michael Alago. From growing up in Brooklyn to discovering Metallica, Michael shares how music shaped his childhood and career. He opens up about how his job elevated his addiction and how addiction eventually forced his company to intervene and send him to rehab. Michael candidly discusses his initial reluctance to stop drinking, his struggles with relapse, and the impact of wasting syndrome on his mental health. He reflects on a pivotal moment in his recovery when a few simple words changed his life forever: "You don't have to do this anymore." Join us as we explore Michael's journey to sobriety and his deep sense of gratitude for the life he leads today.

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