Symptoms of Living Disempowered

Healing From The Holy Land by Devorah Harow

Episode notes

When I started recording this podcast, I knew what I wanted to touch on. But I did not realize how sensitive this discussion would get.

I say discussion because anyone who listens and feels resonance with the words that were spoken on this podcast will sense that a discussion has just been opened. And if you are listening, and this resonates, and the discussion begins - I want you to know that this means you are ready for this. That is important to know. Nothing comes up for us to heal until we are 100% ready and have all we need in our lives to navigate to health.

I discuss the signs and symptoms we see when we are meeting up with a place in our lives where we feel we can not be ourselves. It is a very difficult place to be, And so many of us are conditioned to living in that space - that space is disempowerment.

Whether it i ... 

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