The Truth About Posture - The Body Mind Connection

Healing From The Holy Land by Devorah Harow

Episode notes
Did you know that the way you hold yourself reflects the status of your Spirit? The Body-Mind connection can also be called the Body-Spirit connection, the Physical-Emotional connection, etc. In short, it means that our bodies and our beliefs can not be separated from one another. They impact each other in a symbiotic relationship that can not be cut. What this means is that if the body is out of alignment, then so is something about the way you think/emote/function spiritually. And vice versa. If you hold a certain belief about yourself or the world, it will be seen in the body. Same is true about how you value yourself, how you handle the challenges life brings you. They will be seen in your body.Someone with high self-value and who is confident of their place in this world walks straight and prou ...   ...  Read more
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