Halftime Heroes

by Sophia Young

What makes a college marching band at a school in rural Southeast Ohio so distinguished? Who would have thought that the band kids would become the main event at college football games? Halftime Heroes follows the Ohio University marching band, the Marching 110: specifically, the dedication and commitment required of its members, past and present, to bring it to its current fame. Many people from locally to nationally know o ... 

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Podcast episodes

  • Season 1

  • Episode 1: Pregame

    Episode 1: Pregame

    Who is the Marching 110 and why do people love it? From the band's origins in 1923, we trace how the 110 developed the captivating band people know and love 100 years later. With high stepping, tilting, swaying and jumping dance routines included in performances, the 110 has set itself apart from many other college bands in its style.

  • Episode 2: Halftime

    Episode 2: Halftime

    So, what does it take to be one of the 110 (or as it now is, around 225) Marching Men of Ohio? Turns out, it isn't easy. This episode we explore how students make it in the 110 and how the band operates to execute its dazzling performances that created its reputation.

  • Episode 3: Postgame

    Episode 3: Postgame

    In our final episode of Halftime Heroes, we hear from members past and present about the unique traditions that band 110 members together, and how some traditions change with time. From lake marching to trombone smacking, listen in on some of the quirks in the 11o here.