Grace Episcopal Church Podcasts

by Grace Episcopal Church

Grace Episcopal Church's mission is to enjoy God and reflect his unconditional love by meeting the various spiritual and practical needs of those who come to worship with us and those who are in our community. Our podcasts feature conversations and teachings designed to engage our lives with the teachings of Jesus.  

Podcast episodes

  • Social Media Milieu

    Social Media Milieu

    In this podcast, Fr. Jonathan interviews Rev. Caroline and Adam about the blessings and downsides of using social media in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

  • God And Suffering

    God And Suffering

    in this podcast Fr. Jonathan and Rev. Caroline talk about how we understand and interact with God in light of the suffering in the world and in our personal lives.

  • Worshiping While Being Home

    Worshiping While Being Home

    Fr. Jonathan and Adam Pryor talk about Worshiping at home. How can you find worship during this time when we aren't able to be in Church?

  • Coronavirus and Healthcare

    Coronavirus and Healthcare

    Cheryl Dornbush joins Fr. Jonathan in the podcast studio to talk about the Cornovirus and healthcare.

  • Fasting


    Fr. Johnathan and Fr. Daniel talk about fasting in the podcast studio. Listen as they share their experiences and the importance of fasting.