36 Anniversary Service (Assessment & Advancement)

Gospel Light Christian Church by Gospel Light

Episode notes

By Pastor Paul Choo

On this 2nd service of GLCC’s 36th anniversary we assess how we are doing as a church.

Using the same five “P’s” that we used to thank God for his faithfulness last week, this is our 36th year “report card”

1. Purpose 9/10

2. People 5/10

3. Program 3.75/10

4. Place 2/10

5. Provision 9/10

Score: 5.75/10

1. Purpose - we faithfully kept Gospel-centered by emphasizing the centrality of the Gospel as our “Source” of joy, good works, giving, etc.

2. People - we gradually have less servants and more spectators. Members will serve when it is convenient but not when it demands commitment. Leaders fail to expect, equip and empower members to serve.

3. Programs - the Word is well preached but fails to produce good worship, wonder and works due to many reasons. Possibly the ... 

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