E38 - Episode 38: Mesh Security Giga Chads

Game of Nodes: The Cosmos Podcast by Game of Nodes
The GoN crew welcomes gigabrans Ethan Frey (@RealInterchain), Jake Hartnell (@JakeHartnell) and Sunny Aggarwal (@sunnya97)! This episode is devoted to the vision, benefits, challenges and implementation of Mesh Security. @the-frey, @kingnodes and @rhinostake try to keep up.Show LinksMesh Security Diagram - githubReplicated vs. Mesh Securi  ...  See more
Nov 17 2022

week [Music]
hello and welcome to game of nodes a weekly podcast on the cosmos from independent valid validator teams Valor
doodle teams that's what I nearly said uh and despite that being a bit of a downer intro as I try to find the
[ __ ] button to press oops demonetized already let's go let's [ __ ] go if you
monetized immediately within the first 10 seconds we have probably the most exciting show that we've we've all been
looking forward to this for like a month or two but working out everybody's schedule has taken [ __ ] ages so we've
got Sunny Jake and Ethan to talk about mesh security which is super [ __ ]
exciting if you're into well if you're into Cosmos making it then you
should be excited about mesh security because otherwise we probably ngmi so
let's go mesh security um right w

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