E29 - Episode 29: Late Night Live with Larry0x

Game of Nodes: The Cosmos Podcast by Game of Nodes
The GoN crew welcomes Larry Engineer (larry0x)! Join @the-frey, @kingnodes, and @rhinostake we talk about the origins and work at Mars Protocol, the new Stargaze Badges coming soon to the Stargaze Marketplace, and exactly how to pronounce "Delphi".Show Linkslarry.engineerAbout Mars Protocolmarsprotocol.ioMars Protocol - twitterAbout Starg  ...  See more
Sep 26 2022

in uh you have to go do your exam basically in a another country where it's allowed to do it I think something
like that which I presume means Scotland I don't really know [Music]
hello welcome to game of nodes a weekly podcast on the cosmos from independent violated teams with a little
uh I don't know how I didn't spot exactly when you rugged me there so uh presumably a little little bit of an
anti-monarchist diatribe there involving um medical exams being rescheduled so I
read about in this week's private eye which is if you are British a magazine you should subscribe to
um so yes uh you know I was reading all about it in private eye reading about all of the uh the costs associated with
the uh with the Royal burial whatever it's called and um is that what it's called
[ __ ] hit g

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