E27 - Episode 27: Don't Skip It

Game of Nodes: The Cosmos Podcast by Game of Nodes
The GoN crew welcomes Maghnus and Barry from Skip Protocol!Democratizing access to MEV (Miner Extractable Value) opportunities on the Cosmos, Skip is working with Juno, Osmosis, Sei and others. Join @the-frey, @kingnodes, @lavenderfive, and @rhinostake as we learn just what the hell that sentence means.Show LinksAbout Skipskip.moneyVideo  ...  See more
Sep 08 2022

he's the dowdow guy yeah i mean it used to be called the yin yang now it's just called the daoda logo
hello and welcome to game of nodes a weekly podcast on the cosmos from independent validated teams and this
week we've got megan barry from skip protocol with us and we're going to talk
about mev we're going to talk about what skip protocol is and i'm going to i guess repeatedly expose my ignorance
during the process i imagine shorts he already knows exactly what's going on here
but it's gonna look really clever so we can have a nice contrast going on i think we're on opposite sides of the screen as well so it'll be easy for the
viewers to spot who's clueless and who's not uh i don't know if that means actually
especially because i think you'

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