Episode notes

Overnight, the world has changed. AI can now actually do all your work for you.

What if you were to dream up your own AI to do exactly what you want it to do? As announced at OpenAI’s demo day, that is now possible. And they’re called GPTs. GPTs is a new OpenAI innovation that allows you to build your own AI.

Have you created your own “GPT” yet? In Future Work #61, that’s what we’ll explore:

1. Customizable AI Capabilities: OpenAI has introduced GPTs, customizable versions of ChatGPT. You can train them to perform tasks aligned with individual, team, or company needs.

2. Save Your Time: These AIs can streamline workflows, increase efficiency, and offer direct interaction for feedback and problem-solving, reducing manual effort and time in any process.

3. Practical Implementation: Initial GPTs developed by OpenAI let  ... 

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