Looking to FabLabs to Fight COVID-19

Published: Apr 06 2020

Wartime efforts during World War 1 were quite peculiar. President Woodrow Wilson fed a flock of sheep on the White House lawn to cut down on landscaping costs. Germans experienced a ban on bratwurst so the intestines of cows could be redirected toward making Zeppelins. And in Russia, Czar Nicholas II banned vodka to keep everyone’s head in the game. More than a century later, one wartime effort for fighting COVID-19 might be considered equally as unique – running 3D printers.

On this episode of Fund for Teachers – The Podcast, meet the teachers/FFT Fellows on the front lines of this community-wide effort:

Interested in joining the effort? Visit the GoFundMe link to make a tax deductible donation that goes directly toward purchasing raw supplies in bulk through orders negotiated by Chattanooga’s manufacturing association.