"Be Rite" - You Don't Need to Act Okay

The Full of Beans Podcast by Hannah Hickinbotham

Episode notes

In this week’s episode, Han is joined by Neil Procter. Neil is an actor and his theatre company, Lancashire People's Theatre, is developing a play about eating disorders in men based on Neils experience.

With Neil, we begin by discussing his personal experience of an eating disorder, and how he transitioned from anorexia, to OSFED, to bulimia, to BED, and orthorexia. We spoke about the Neil’s personality, environment, and social life at the time, and how this impacted his need for the eating disorder.

We then when onto speak about Neil’s experience of BED, the way these behaviours helped Neil manage life when it was falling apart, and why moving away from these behaviours was so hard when they are almost normalised in society.

Neil discusses his practice of Buddhism and how this has allowed him to focus on creating an unshakeabl ... 

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