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Fieldhouse Sports Entertainment Networks podcast. We cover everything from professional sports (Taking It To The House), interviews with college coaches (Coach Talk), to high school sports in the Borderland (Borderland Sports Report) and everything in between (FSEN). One of our sports shows will definitely have something for you. 

Podcast episodes

  • Season 3

  • S03 E83 - TTHS2E25

    S03 E83 - TTHS2E25

    Our host discuss the NFL, MLB, and the NBA Playoffs.

  • S03 E82 - TTHS2E24

    S03 E82 - TTHS2E24

    Our hosts discuss the MLB, the PGA, the NFL and the NBA Playoffs

  • S03 E81 - TTHS2E23

    S03 E81 - TTHS2E23

    Our host discuss College Football, the PGA, and the NBA Playoffs.

  • S03 E80 - TTH S2E22

    S03 E80 - TTH S2E22

    Our hosts discuss MLB and the NBA Playoffs.

  • S03 E79 - TTHS22E21

    S03 E79 - TTHS22E21

    Our host discuss the NBA Playoffs and more.