Kari Jaquesson - What the Shamestream Press won’t tell you about Syria (Pt. 1 of 2: The Smoking Gun)

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Episode notes

We kick off a new series on media criticism, starting with the BIG LIE of this decade. Albeit recorded a year ago, ALL is still valid & ongoing. In pt 2 we explore the shocking geopolitical aspects & smoke out the culprits. In pt 1 we focus upon Syria itself, like: Democracy or dictature? How did it start? Who's suffering & who cause it? What does sanctions really mean? What of gas attacks & barrel bombs? Who's the army vs the "rebels"? What's the truth about "white helmets"? Who supports islamists & who really fight them? How's the mercenaries manufactured? Origin of Wahhabism? Intentional migration waves? + Hear the magical exception of 911...

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