Gordon White - Stars, Music, & Magic: A New Model of Prehistory (Pt. 1 of 2)

Forum Borealis by Al Borealis

Episode notes

Rune Soup host, filmmaker, & author Gordon White drops by to argue his original yet ageless take on our prehistory. Some topics examined in part 1: How was ancient mind different? What are the main approaches to Genesis & how do they differ? Why is consciousness crucial to History & Mythology? What errors in Empiricism, Uniformitarianism, & Alternative palæontology? What are the 3 socio-cultural ages of man? Ancient Magic vs Exotic Science? What's the truth about Antediluvian mankind? What did Dr. Witzel discover? Is the Civilizing Trickster our oldest deity? Why's Neanderthal Man slandered? + was Gordon a weird child?

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