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Gnosis is back - now invoked by Host of Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio, dealing with issues like: Who are the Archons? Why are they obstructing us? Who's the Demiurge? Who's Sophia & what happened to her? What's the Alien God? Why are we trapped? Who's feeding on us? What's the UFO connection? Can we be Gnostic without knowing it? Why's Gnosis not for everyone? What tools to attain it? What did Enoch obtain? What traditions was Jesus initiated into? Is Gnosis a liberation theology? What of Lucifer? Who's the Aeons? Is Evil real? Is Yahweh / Jehovah evil? Any Gnostic doctrine shared by all? Was Judas good? Any Gnostic Churches? + Hear about the gang rape of Eve.

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