Dr. Joseph Farrell - The Alchemy of Zero Point (Pt. 1 of 2: Particle Waves & Harmonic Scales)

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Episode notes

What's energy anyway? We go full exotic science with the good doc & in pt.1 debate such ideas as: Is it really free? Does it fit a scientific paradigm? Can we tap into other dimensions? Particles or Waves? What's Ether? What's Schrödinger's cat? Did Pythagoras conceive the first unified field theory? How's the musical scale relevant? Why ought A be 127 Hz & not 432 or 440? Is Plato's code cracked? Is the harmonic series linking micro- to macrocosm? Did Tesla retain the secret? What's Torsion physics? What did John Keely evince? What's transmutation? Is time an energy form? Is mind over matter? Is reality a closed or open system? + Hear JPF introduce Bruno...

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