Dr. Joseph Farrell - The Alchemy of Zero Point (Pt. 2 of 2: A Murky History of Inventions)

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Episode notes

Now we review some applications of Zero Point, among others: Did ancients use this energy? Why did this science go black after WW2? How can metaphysics & physics be reconciled? What's Soviet Mercury & Nazi Serum? What's the Philadelphia Experiment? What's the science of invisibility? What's Monatomic Gold? What's red & white powder of alchemy? What's up with Thorium? What's Element 115? Is 144 the full Periodic Table? Has NASA now avowed Anti-gravity & Free Energy? Did von Braun use classified tech? How is Kurt Debus linked to UFOs? What's the Heim theory? Is Cold Fusion real? What did Royal Rife discover? + Learn the physics of ghosts...

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