Dr. Stephanie Lykes - Dark Places of Desire: Understanding Paraphilia (Pt. 2 of 3: More Blood, Sweat, & Tears)

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Episode notes

Our scrutiny of the prevalent dispositions subsist, among others: What's root psychology of age play? What ways do age become kink? Kink vs exploitation? Is love possible in uneven relationships? Why's youth celebrated? When is our sexual peak? What of role-play? What causes beastiality? Is kink class based? Do juvenile experience shape desire? Does PUA work? What's the 2 seduction trends? Are we responsible for our taste & will rebuke amplify it? Love vs Desire? Is polyamory natural? Is age gap or voyeurism & exhibitionism gender-related? Different attraction triggers for sexes? Do they evolve with maturity? + Hear what guys MUST avoid in masturbation!

WARNING: This show contains topics that some may find disturbing. Listen at your own discretion.

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