Scott Wolter - Templars in America (Pt. 3 of 3: The Hooked X & Heretic Lore)

Forum Borealis by Al Borealis

Episode notes

Now for a mind blowing final, revealing among other: How's the Runestone a land claim? What befell the various norse colonies in US, Canada, & Greenland? Why was Colombus in Iceland, 1477, & why did he vanish after? Did his 1492 fleet expect to meet a Templar state? What did Templars find under the Tempel Mount? Why did they sail to Onteora for centuries? Is Mary & Jesus' marriage factual? Is their tomb now found? What's their secret kept by the Templars? Why did James the Just & the other Jesus' brothers hate Paul? Why's most surfacing evidence destroyed? Where was Markland, Vinland, Norumbega, & Helluland? + Hear Al's end statement nailing the case!

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