Episode notes

Now we jump INTO Pandora's Box to assess the hard problem of philosophy in its dark metaphysical aspects. Some issues discussed: Spirit Possession vs Free Will. What's scaring academics? Satan vs Lucifer. UAP vs Tulpa. Is Thelema evil? 2 existential directions. How did Frankists allegedly invert the solution? What occurs on the moon according to leaks by Plutarch, Gurdjieff, Blavatsky, & John Lear? Ego vs Soul. Origin of Prophets. Rite of Passage. Secret of Incubation. Why sacrifice Innocence? Why trauma? Spirit Cooking. How to spot fake gurus. Are we cult(ure) slaves? Epstein & pedorings. What did the Gnostics know? The last Necronomicons. + Is there War in Heaven?

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