Hans Olav - Financial World Coup (Pt. 1 of 2: Our Economy is a Pyramid Scam)

Forum Borealis by Al Borealis

Episode notes

Turned whistleblower & reporter after a lifetime in the financial world, then set up by a rigged trial, our guest now share his insight into the crime syndicate of banksters, high finance, & econ hitmen. Some topics in pt. 1: Did the economy crash right before the pandemic? Is crypto liberating ppl or seized for centralized control? Why do City of London tie it to UBI, microchips, & vaccines? Who owns the debt? Is big government used by oligarchs to control plebs & protect cartels? Who's behind the surveillance state? Has monopoly & oligopoly replaced free marked? Who's executing bank directors & why? What of the Black Economy? + Hear how we're due for total system collapse!

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