Miguel Conner - Gnostic Revolutions: Sex, Psychonautics, & The Sacred Feminine

Forum Borealis by Al Borealis

Episode notes

Miguel returns to lead us further down the gnostic rabbit hole, with points like: Was man originally 1 gender? Is Sophia a resurrection of the divine feminine? Do the bible have traces of her? What befell Lilith, the first female? Who raped Eve & why? Did Demiurge become Satan? Are we in hell? Will spilt seed attract unborn spirits? Who drained the Archon force? What begot the dark goddess aspect? Is incubation key to contact the other side? Why did gnosis span from hedonism to celibacy? What was Jesus initiated into? Did he wed Mary? Was Judas history's first patsy? Did Sabbateans hail evil as a short cut? Is Buddhism gnostic? + Hear our homage to Hypatia!

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