Anthony Peake - Cracking Reality: Daimons, Avatars, & Egregores (Pt. 1 of 2)

Forum Borealis by Al Borealis

Episode notes

WARNING: This show blows up paradigm walls (especially in pt. 2) to decode strata of reality. A few of the points in pt. 1: What's the invisible creatures? What relation to UFO's? Do life forms exist at EM frequencies beyond visible range? Can archetypes manifest objectively? Are quasi corporeal entities able to interact with us? Are jinns made of Plasma? Waves or particles? How literal is the simulation theory? Do quantum anomalies occur at higher levels? Are Black Holes closed systems? Is amnesis our curse or blessing? Is reality unfolding along an observer's awareness? Who controls your reality & how far can you affect it? AND hear how your life repeats upon death...

In the words of our guest:

"Just finished a discussion with Al of FB. This has to be the most intellectually satisfying interview I've ever done. We are g ... 

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