Laurence Caruana - Gnostic Resurrections (Pt. 1 of 2: Malta, Yeshua, & Forgotten Scriptures)

Forum Borealis by Al Borealis

Episode notes

We journey back to early scriptures to assess their meaning free from dogma. Some issues touched: What's the Order of Malta? Why's ritual & symbol crucial? Did Paul plot to ruin the Jesus cult? What's the Q source? How did the Church Fathers compile the bible? How many Gospels existed? Why were texts censored & suppressed? Why are paradoxes inherent? Why are scriptures not historic? What's the point of relics? What's the process from myth to philosophy? Did Islam emerge from Christianity? Why are true traditions secret? Was Jesus in India? Who's Yaldabaoth? How to deal with fear? What's the ideal group size? Is reincarnation consistent with Christianity?

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