Fleet Safety Geeks - Seat Belt Safety

Fleet Safety Geeks by Bob Mossing & Phil Moser

Episode notes
Seat belts are one of the most important safety features in your car. They can help prevent you from being seriously injured or killed in a crash. In fact, seat belts are so effective that they're estimated to have saved over 374,000 lives in the United States since 1975.But even though seat belts are so important, many people still don't wear them. In 2020, only 85% of drivers and front-seat passengers were buckled up. That means that one in five people were driving or riding around without a seat belt.Not wearing a seat belt is a dangerous decision. In a crash, an unbelted driver or passenger is 45 times more likely to be killed than someone who is buckled up. And even if you survive a crash, you're more likely to be seriously injured if you're not wearing a seat belt.So please, make sure to buckle up every time you get in a car. It's the simplest ...   ...  Read more
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