Episode 8: Retrospective

Fizz Buzz Podcast by Mo Fiebiger & Stacy Wandrey

Episode notes

For the Fizz Buzz Grand Finale Mo & Stacy have a retrospective! What is a retrospective? As explained by Tech Target: During a retrospective the team members reflect on what happened during a project and identify actions for improvement going forward. The hosts therefore take a look back at the season and reminisce about the good, bad and the ugly… but mostly the good!

A fun addition to this episode is Stacy and Mo make a signature cocktail live on the podcast in the hopes that the listener feels like they are having fun right beside the FBP crew.

Finally, we would like to thank everyone involved in helping us make Season 1 so much fun. We truly wouldn't have been able to make FizzBuzz great without the support of  ... 

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