Authenticity and Fitness Part 2

Fitness in Philosophy by James Fitzgerald and Robby Gustin

Episode notes
A lot of modern culture is centered around the notion of authenticity or being authentic. But what does it meant to be authentic?In Part 2 of the Authenticity series, James and Robby build on their discussion from Part 1 and attempt to answer the following questions regarding authenticity and its relationship with fitness. What is authenticity? What does it mean to be to be true to oneself?How do autonomy and authenticity relate to one another? What is authentic fitness?How can fitness play a role in helping us get in touch with our authentic selves?What are the best ways to approach inauthenticity in the health and fitness space? The Fitness in Philosophy podcast is dedicated to discussing the intersection between concepts in philosophy and their connection with fitness. Each episode we talk about a particular philosophical concept like autonomy, k ...   ...  Read more