Personal Identity and Fitness

Fitness in Philosophy by James Fitzgerald and Robby Gustin

Episode notes

In this episode James and Robby discuss the connection personal identity and fitness.

One of the central, perennial philosophical questions is the question of personal identity.

Questions like the following are central to the personal identity question:

-Who am I?

-What makes me me as opposed to someone or something else?

-Am I my body? Am I my thoughts?

Am I my continuous consciousness?

-Clearly our bodies, thoughts, and consciousness change throughout life so what makes us, us over time?

How does this all relate to fitness?

Well, we can ask questions like:-How closely connected are the body and mind to who we are?

-Does fitness strengthen the connection between the body and the mind?

-What does physical fitness or engaging in health practices to cultivate the body teach us abo ... 

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