Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance and the 2011 Resurgence

Firearms Industry News by Caleb Giddings

Episode notes

If you've been around the defensive shooting community for a long time, you might have been surprised in 2019 and 2020 by what felt like a sudden surge in popularity for 2011 style pistols. The 2011, for those that don't know, is a double stack version of the venerable 1911 pistol, and uses a modular frame. The largest manufacturer of 2011 pistols is Staccato, formerly known as STI, who recently pivoted from making competition only guns to focusing on the concealed carry and LE market. To help understand Staccato's 2011 pivot, and the surge in popularity of this platform, I invited my old friend Hilton Yam of 10-8 Performance on to talk about 1911s, 2011s, and what people running these platforms need to know.