The Faultline Social Podcast

by Theo Wildgoose

The Faultline Podcast is the companion to Faultline Social, an online music magazine covering new releases, reviews and in depth articles from our staff of writers. Listen as we go in depth with musicians into their creative processes, musical beginnings and current projects. Faultline provides you an alternative to the alternative. 
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  • Season 1

  • S01 E45 - Jared Gaines

    S01 E45 - Jared Gaines

    Today's guest is Jared Gaines, an artist based in Richmond, VA who's heavily involved in creating media with musical inspired concepts. He talks to Rob today about the ideas behind his work, what influences his art and his unique...

    May 02 2021
    May 02 2021
  • S01 E44 - Beans On Toast

    S01 E44 - Beans On Toast

    Today on the Faultline Social Podcast, we talk to English folk singer-songwriter, Jay Mcallister, a.k.a Beans On Toast. He talks us through how he got into music, how he found his songwriting direction and his place in the music i...

    Apr 26 2021
    Apr 26 2021
  • S01 E43 - Drew Conte - I Call Fives

    S01 E43 - Drew Conte - I Call Fives

    Today's episode features Drew Conte of pop punk legends I Call Fives, who have recently reformed after a relatively long hiatus and are back on the scene releasing music. They put out a new single 'Be Kind, Rewind', produced by Ca...

    Apr 25 2021
    Apr 25 2021
  • S01 E42 - Steven Jones - Bleed From Within / From Sorrow to Serenity

    S01 E42 - Steven Jones - Bleed From Within / From Sorrow to Serenity

    Today Rob speaks to Steven Jones, guitarist for Glaswegian metal outfit Bleed From Within. Steven also has another band, From Sorrow to Serenity which continues alongside his current work with Bleed From Within. He tells us how he...

    Apr 23 2021
    Apr 23 2021
  • S01 E41 - Max Jeffries - Underking

    S01 E41 - Max Jeffries - Underking

    Underking is the solo project from British musician Max Jeffries, Rob sits down to talk to him today about everything that goes into making his music. His new record 'At Hell's Gate' is coming out on the 23rd April, they discuss t...

    Apr 21 2021
    Apr 21 2021