S04 E29 - Interview with Kayleigh McKee

Fandom Sessions by Geek Network
Fandom Sessions has been ROLLING this week with tons of phenomenal guests and today is no different as the wonderful and talented Kayleigh McKee joined us to talk about many important topics such as the importance of anime in American culture and entertainment as well as fair pay for the talented individuals that provide a voice for some  ...  See more
May 25 2023

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Good morning, good afternoon and good evening.
As always, this is Daniel.
Just having another amazing guest today.
So today I am joined by Kaylee McKee.
How are you doing today?
Hello, I'm doing all right.
Nose is a little stuffy, so forgive that.
We'll blame it on allergies.
Yeah. Or the cold.
We can call it either or both.
It probably is both.
So you were at the Ren Fair.
How was the Ren Fair this weekend?
It was phenomenal.
I have several friends who work the Ren Fair.
So I got to see them and en

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