En Her ÉlémentExplicit

by En Her Élément

CULTURE + FAITH + LIFESTYLE PODCAST || Join co-hosts Léocadia Tchouaffé and Marielena Marroquin as they talk about their experiences as two women of color navigating a world that wasn't built for them - through relationships, faith, the workplace, life and everything in between. 

Podcast episodes

  • E26 - Mental Health in Communities of Color

    E26 - Mental Health in Communities of ColorExplicit

    The conversation around mental health has fortunately changed for the better in the last few years. However, in many communities of color, the conversations and the idea surrounding mental health are still very taboo. Today, we ta...

  • E25 - En esta casa se habla español!

    E25 - En esta casa se habla español! Explicit

    In this episode, Mari and Léocadia talk about what it was like growing up in a bilingual household and how it has shaped how they use language.

  • E24 - Traveling as Women of Color

    E24 - Traveling as Women of ColorExplicit

    It's travel season y'all and today we are talking about our adventures seeing the world as women of color. We talk about the places we've been to this summer, our experiences domestically and internationally, and the privilege tha...

  • E23 - Loving A Black Man

    E23 - Loving A Black ManExplicit

    Its been two years since the murder of George Floyd and the summer of protest that followed. Today, we take a look about what has happened two years out, how our lives have changed and what the Black Lives Movement means to us.Ref...

  • E22 - The Pursuit of Joyness

    E22 - The Pursuit of JoynessExplicit

    On this week’s episode, we talk about where we find joy, what brings us to it, reflection on the past 6 months of 2022 and what we hope to come. But first, we talk about new updates in Marielena’s stay in Holland and Leocadia’s cu...