S01 - Author Interview: April-Jane Rowan ~ Folklore, Body Horror and Tainted Love

Eldritch Girl: Weird Gothic Stuff & Nonsense by C. M. Rosens
Our last author interview of the season is with April-Jane Rowan, one of the founders of Gurt Dog Press, which is currently open for submissions! We hear an extract from Rowan's new novel, LOVELORN, released August 2021, and chat about faeries, folklore, body horror, and different kinds of tainted/toxic love (not just the romantic kind).  ...  See more
Jul 05 2021

CMR: Hello, welcome to the next episode of Eldritch Girl, which is our last author interview for this season, and this is with April-Jane Rowan! Hello, lovely to meet you.

AJR: It’s great to be here.

CMR: Would you like to introduce yourself.

AJR: Yeah so I’m April-Jane, I’m originally from the UK, but I now live in Sweden with my two partners and our triplets, and I write horror fantasy with an emphasis on body horror and weird stuff.

CMR: Yay! Body horror and weird stuff!

AJR: All the best stuff!

CMR: And you’re going to read an extract of LOVELORN which is your next novel that’s coming out with Gurt Dog Press.

AJR: The part I picked is when one of the main characters, Harry, discovers a lake, which is very suspicious and he discovers a letter that tells him how he can see the fai

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