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Why it's important to follow the path meant for you instead of the path others expect you to follow

DissectEd by Michaela Keegan Jedele

Episode notes

I just took a new position as Assistant Principal at Central High School in Providence, RI. You might be wondering, "But Michaela, I thought you were teaching? Wait, weren't you a principal at one point? Don't you run your own business now? I can't keep up!"

Two positions have made my heart happiest over the last 20 years, teaching special education and being an assistant principal. Of course, I love running my company, because I get to help teachers and leaders transform their experiences, but my experience inside the classroom and as AP have allowed me to be close enough to the work to be a great coach, too.

My path here certainly has not been linear, and there has been a lot of pain, but I can say with 100% certainty that I've followed, and sometimes carved, the path meant for ME. And that is freeing.

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