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How to create your ideal classroom culture with our teacher panel

DissectEd by Michaela Keegan Jedele

Episode notes

When it comes to professional development, most (if not all) learning is best done educator to educator. Our 5 panelists are teachers from around the country (and Canada!), and they each share their authentic approach to building a strong classroom culture that keeps them and their students motivated, especially during challenging times.

Here is how you can follow our panelists:

Chad Pettit: @that.teacherguy on TikTok

Jessica Starcher: @jstarcher on TikTok

Vanessa Drew: @mrsdrew_teachesfrench on TikTok

Manny Ruiz: @iammannyx on TikTok

Dr. Andrea Blair: @aeblairLearning on Twitter

Visit www.drkeeganjedele.com to learn how to access free and paid resources and trainings on classroom management and classroom culture

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